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SJT Electric Vehicles

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1,20,000 KM / 6 Years for Battery Packs and Motor.
  • 40,000 KM / 2 Years for other Mechanical Parts.
  • 20,000 KM / 1 Year for other Electrical/ Electronics parts.
  • Warranty on OEM Vehicle shall void.
  • SJT will have Service centers for servicing Electric drive parts.
  • Regular servicing schedule of Electric drive parts is in Owner manual.
  • Service centers will be in all major cities where the vehicles are sold.
  • SJT Technicians will provide paid Roadside assistance on call.
  • All OEM workshops can service the Car except for Electric drive parts.
  • However, select SJT workshops would also be able to service all Car parts.
  • You can contact our nearest Dealership / Helpline no.
  • Car travels 7~8 km in 1 unit of Electricity depending on Driving, Loading, Weather and Road Conditions.
  • That means the average cost of charging is INR 1 per km.
  • Can easily save INR 1~2 Lacs per year on Petrol/ Diesel expenses.
  • Any 15A Single Phase socket can be used for AC Slow Charging.
  • 3.3kw AC charging: 80% full in 6~8 hours. 6.6kw Fast charging is future option.
  • Convenient Briefcase style. 18kg – easy to carry. Easy to plug.
  • Charge the car at home/ office/ charging station. Or take the batteries inside your home and charge them with home charger setup.
  • Built-in safety: Over charge/discharge protection, Over/under voltage protection, Wrong connections protection, Thermal safe. Weather proof, No leakage.
  • Do not expose the batteries to Rain. Do not keep them in Wet area.
  • Battery weight is compensated by Removed Engine+ Fuel tank+ Exhaust.
  • No change in Car behaviour compared to original car.
  • ARAI testing/ approval obtained for Safe Driving and Braking.
  • Car will pull through gradient even with 5 passengers.
  • Just like your existing car. Automated clutch. Easier to drive.
  • SJT will provide user manual and Tips for safe/ efficient driving.
  • Optional Portable Battery will occupy the boot just like CNG cylinder.
  • Some space will be available for small bags.
  • Luggage can be kept on Parcel shelf, Rear seat, Foot space.
  • No. We will not supply EV kit. We will convert the cars and give to you.
  • The Prices of Lithium Based Batteries keep reducing.
  • With the savings on petrol/ diesel price, you would be able to buy a replacement battery easily.