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SJT - Retrofit xEVs

Upgrade your existing vehicle with our state-of-the-art retrofit xEV solutions. Transform your conventional vehicle into an eco-friendly electric vehicle without compromising performance or comfort.

EV Conversion Services:

Our expert team provides reliable and efficient EV conversion services, converting your gasoline-powered vehicle into a clean and efficient electric vehicle. Enjoy the benefits of electric mobility without the need to purchase a new vehicle.

SJT xEV Cars - Specifications

Affordable: Convert your old car to Electric at 50% cost of a new Electric Car.

Portable/ Scalable: Combination of a Fixed Battery Pack and Portable Battery Packs will provide the user Peace of mind without Range anxiety.

Plug and Play Batteries – Swap the Portable Battery Packs in 3 minutes. Borrow or Rent additional Portable Packs for that extra mileage needed on weekends.

Performance: Top speed is 80 KM/Hour. Climb on Khandala Ghat with 5 people.

Range: Various options available from 180km to 260km.

Charging: 3.3kw AC charging: 80% full in 6~8 hours. 6.6kw Fast charging is future option.

ARAI approved SJT xEV Cars - 12 models available

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